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Oprazi Cloud can be customized to meet the needs of schools. The system can be configured and customized according to your school’s needs. So you can have a software solution with exactly the features that your school needs.

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Oprazi Cloud is an online school management system that you can access from anywhere with internet. Users of administration, staff, students and parents can be opened automatically; so, now access to information is very easy. Additionally, thanks to the system that takes instant backup, we do not allow data loss and make your work easier.

Oprazi Cloud is a software solution that was developed to ensure efficient management of schools.

It is designed to facilitate school management, reduce the workload of teachers and administrators, and enable students to benefit more from the educational process. It is aimed that the system, which enables both students and parents to be more involved in the education process, will make the management processes of schools more efficient.

Oprazi Cloud is a comprehensive software solution designed for educational institutions. By making the management processes of schools more efficient, effective and easy, it helps teachers and administrators to get more benefits in the education process without spending more time and energy.

Oprazi Cloud allows you to track the academic progress of each student. Student grades, exam results, attendance records, study reports and other important data are stored in the system. So, it becomes easier to monitor and analyze students’ performance. In addition, since the parents of the students are also registered in the system, they have up-to-date information about the progress of the students.

Oprazi Cloud reduces the workload of teachers and administrators and makes school management processes more efficient. Teachers can easily manage exams, assignments, projects and other student data. They can also more easily record students’ grades, attendance records, and disciplinary reports. In this way, teachers can spend more time focusing on their students.

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