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We make your tasks easier with our 10 years of experience and effective solutions. With the help of more than 20 modules and Student-Parent integrations, we offer a progressive perspective to institution management and education management systems.

Do not be behind the interactive times.

We work for all parties of education. Oprazi is created for students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

We are aware of the importance of communication; for this reason we developed Oprazi for your service to construct a healthy communication at your school. We provide services to students, teachers, parents and administrators by creating separate automatic users. 

With different modules, we ensure secure and comfortable platform for all parties of your institute.


Display Panel

With the help of Display Panel, it is going to be easier for you to make detailed graphical analysis by seeing all the data of your institution.


Instant Interaction

You can instantly share all of the data with Staff, Student and Parents. Thanks to the communication modules, it is going to be very easy to reach to the relevant people.


Secure Data

Oprazi has passed the High Security tests successfully with its security technology. So, it can be said that your data is safely stored.




Maximum Interaction and Communication

Oprazi cloud is an online school management system that you can access from anywhere with internet. Access to information is now very easy with our interactive system, where management, staff, students and parents can be opened automatically. In addition, thanks to the system that takes instant backup, we do not allow data loss and make your work easier.

Oprazi Cloud is a software solution developed to ensure efficient management of schools.

It is designed to facilitate school management, reduce the workload of teachers and administrators, and improve the learning process of the students.

It is aimed that the system, which enables both students and parents to be more involved in the education process, will make the management processes of schools more efficient and make school management better.



Your Independent Workspace

The Oprazi Desktop application is a software solution that helps managers and staff manage their work more easily and efficiently. With its advanced features and ease of use, it allows users to quickly receive and process the data that they need.

Oprazi Desktop application increases the efficiency of schools by enabling them to better manage their study, accounting, homework, absenteeism, exam, syllabus and reporting processes. The app allows users to perform data entry, data analysis, data processing, and reporting more quickly and easily.

Thanks to sms integration, it allows you to inform students and parents.

The features of the Oprazi Desktop application include an interface that allows users to enter and analyze data quickly, security measures that ensure data is stored securely, and integration features that allow users to share data between different units.

*Sms Integration   *Local backup  *Detailed Reporting


We also have Solutions for our Private Tutors

Oprazi Tutoring App is a software solution that helps students and teachers manage tutoring more easily and efficiently. The application has been developed to track tutoring processes, evaluate students’ performance and provide students with a better education.

The Oprazi Tutoring App helps students manage their tutoring appointments and communications with their teachers. It is a special program so that teachers can monitor how much progress students have made in their lessons and keep track of their assignments. Teachers can monitor students’ performance and evaluate assignments.

It helps students’ learning process by keeping track of the homework given by the teachers to the students.

Get ahead with Oprazi

Thanks to its flexible structure, you can manage all modules. In this way, we prevent module confusion between your institutions. Even if you own only one institution, you can use your own modules.

Manage Your Time 🧭

Manage your time with OPRAZI. You can easily manage all operations of your Staff, Students and Parents. You will be able to view daily, weekly and monthly plans whenever you want.