Who are we?

Company Profile

Would you like to get to know our “New Generation” company, which blends its experience in the software sector with its experience in the education sector?

We are a group of creative tech people 🤘

Oprazi is a school management software company that has been serving the software industry for over 10 years. It continues its services in the technology development zone in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It has an expert position in the sector by offering software solutions specially designed for the needs of educational institutions.

Our expertise in school management software, our customizable and easy-to-use interfaces, and our customer-oriented service approach have met the needs of many educational institutions. School administrators, teachers, and parents can easily access many features, such as student information, grades, attendance tracking, lesson schedules, and the teacher tracking system.

Thanks to its 10 years of experience, Oprazi always offers the best solutions to its customers by closely following the developments in school management software. Our experienced and expert team provides all kinds of technical support to our customers and constantly offers innovative solutions to make their work easier.